Education resources:

Spread of infection – I use this particular clip a lot when I’m teaching Infection control basics, its a great visual demonstration of how infection spreads and staff really respond well to it:

Donning and doffing PPE:

This is a really good clip that demonstrates how to correctly put on and take off your Personal Protective equipment.  I often get staff to break into groups and give them a set of gloves, masks and a gown. Then I ask them as a group to decide what is the correct order in which to put on and take off the PPE. It’s amazing the discussion this generates, and the differing approaches people take:

Looking for information on Norovirus? This clip is particularly good for explaining the basics of  Norovirus for your staff:

This Mythbusters clip is really useful for demonstrating the importance of safe sneezing. It compares three different techniques for containing sneezes, the hand, a handkerchief and an elbow to see which is the most effective:


Gastroenteritis/Food poisoning  – This is a really interesting audio visual on what happens in the body when they have Gastroenteritis:

Influenza – I’ve used this particular audio visual for staff leading up to flu season/flu vaccination season.  It explains exactly what happens in the body when they have influenza:




TED Talks:

Adapt to adopt – a great talk by Professor Didier Pittet,  who’s work has led to the 5 moments of hand hygiene, which has been adopted globally by the WHO. In this talk he describes the impact of the 5 moments of hand hygiene campaign.


Online resources:

Respiratory tract infections (self-limiting) – reducing antibiotic prescribing:

Scabies=  this is an excellent policy produced by Waikato DHB specifically for aged care looking at how to manage Scabies in aged care settings:


Importance of staff influenza immunisation:

Dr. Stephen Tsekrekos, Medical Director of AHS Workplace and Health, talks about the importance of AHS staff, physicians and employees receiving their annual influenza immunization. (17 mins):


Infection Prevention and Control in hospitals

Webbers teleclasses:

Webbers training is all about Infection Prevention and control. They do have some free sessions, and some you have to pay for, but they do have a back catalogue of previous sessions, so you can watch recent webinars, print out the supporting slides and use for your education/boosting your education hours.